Goodbye Fall 2020 & Reflecting on my History Major

by Injee Hong

            It’s hard to believe that I’m saying this, but we are already at the end of our fall semester here at Centre College. To say that Block 2 flew by would be a major understatement. The opportunity to have an entire six-week block dedicated solely to my history major definitely contributed to this block flying by because it was such an enjoyable experience. History seminar with Dr. Egge was the perfect capstone experience to end my history major.

            The different topics we explored taught me a lot about history as a discipline but also a lot about myself. This course forced me to consciously think about how I engage with the process of doing history instead of passively operating on auto-pilot. One of my biggest takeaways from history seminar was seeing how the choices we make as historians have large ripple effects on how the past is remembered. That gives historians a lot of responsibility, but it’s a challenge that personally excites me.

            As I look to the future, I am hoping to attend law school this upcoming fall. On a practical level, my time as a history major at Centre has taught me to scrutinize sources, analyze arguments, and articulate my thoughts, skills that are all essential to being an effective lawyer. But on a deeper level, I have gained a stronger sense of humanity by learning about shared experiences between people of different nations and time periods. My history major at Centre has certainly prepared me to be a more compassionate, informed, and empathetic lawyer. I am grateful for all the incredible faculty who make up the history department at Centre and who have been such an integral part of my college experience. I would like to give a special shoutout to Dr. Harney and Dr. Strauch for letting me be part of Centre Trail and mentoring me through these unprecedented times.

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