From Archive to Podcast: the William Goebel Assassination

This article was written by Kyle Capps, a junior in the History program at Centre. The way you present history is often as important as the history you tell. The dense academic writing often featured in conventional histories has its place among scholars, but new ways of bringing history into your living room, dorm, or… Continue reading From Archive to Podcast: the William Goebel Assassination

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Centre Student Blogs

I know this is hard to believe, but we here at Centre Trail aren't the only student/faculty blogs on campus.  In fact, our friend Dr. Young over in the Chemistry program has her students writing really fascinating blog posts that discuss chemistry in our world at large.  Ever wondered if we need better, safer batteries?… Continue reading Centre Student Blogs


Chasing History: Industrialization and Sport

This past spring, I taught a class on Popular Sport & the Modern World, with a pretty wide brief... the basic outlines of the class held our discussions to the mid-nineteenth century and later, but we read and discussed topics from the emergence of association football in industrial England to segregation in American baseball to… Continue reading Chasing History: Industrialization and Sport