Pandemic Playlists from the History Program!

We hope everyone is staying safe! And staying safe right now means a lot of time indoors. A friend of mine at Whitworth University shared a list of songs she had put together on Spotify – a “playlist” if you will – and I thought this was such a great idea! I used to love… Continue reading Pandemic Playlists from the History Program!

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Learning and Community

We are now two weeks into emergency online teaching and I’m writing this from my closet if that tells you anything about my experience so far. I’ve had to accept that I look ridiculous when I record myself teaching, I can’t possibly grade things meaningfully while my children are in the same room as me… Continue reading Learning and Community


Centre Trail Podcast 27: Studying Holidays and the Bhoys

John and Tara sit down to talk about Tara's research over the summer. She had two main projects: a book on American holidays written for a popular audience, and in-depth archival research on documents from Centre College's mid-nineteenth century history. She talks about what it is like to work on two projects, and the benefits… Continue reading Centre Trail Podcast 27: Studying Holidays and the Bhoys


After 200 Years

In 1819, Centre College was chartered in Kentucky. This year, we celebrate this institution's 200th anniversary. A celebration like this is no small feat. Few schools were founded west of the Appalachian Mountains before 1820; Centre, along with Transylvania, the University of Tennessee and Ohio University and a handful of other academies were among the… Continue reading After 200 Years