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Learning and Community

We are now two weeks into emergency online teaching and I’m writing this from my closet if that tells you anything about my experience so far. I’ve had to accept that I look ridiculous when I record myself teaching, I can’t possibly grade things meaningfully while my children are in the same room as me… Continue reading Learning and Community

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History Courses Spring 2019

Hey, all you Centre students! As registration is approaching I thought I would give y'all a quick roundup on our Spring course offerings: History Survey Classes: These courses have wide chronological and geographical coverage.  They are designed to introduce students to major events and ideas but they are also intended to expose students to how… Continue reading History Courses Spring 2019

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Centre Student Blogs

I know this is hard to believe, but we here at Centre Trail aren't the only student/faculty blogs on campus.  In fact, our friend Dr. Young over in the Chemistry program has her students writing really fascinating blog posts that discuss chemistry in our world at large.  Ever wondered if we need better, safer batteries?… Continue reading Centre Student Blogs

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We are Pain and What Cures Pain, Both

Below is a story from Tara's CentreTerm Class on Alternate History.  Our author is Aarthi Vadhanam, a senior math major, who chose to think about the creation of the modern Middle East.  In this story, she imagines an Iran that was friendly with the United States and a major player in Middle Eastern politics.  She… Continue reading We are Pain and What Cures Pain, Both

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“Founding Fathers”

Did you know that the phrase "founding fathers" wasn't coined until 1916? It was then that Warren Harding used that wording in a speech to the Republican National Convention.  Somehow, I always find this a surprising fact.  Have Americans only thought about the revolutionary generations as father figures for a century? Americans before 1916 certainly… Continue reading “Founding Fathers”

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DACA in the History Classroom

Stephen Dove is an Assistant Professor of History here at Centre College where he teaches Latin American history.  Thanks for sharing your classroom with us, Stephen! Korean pianists do not normally play a prominent role in my Latin American history courses, but this week that changed. I am the type of professor who views the… Continue reading DACA in the History Classroom