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Centre Trail Podcast 22: Quakers and Multiracial Communities in Ohio

This week we talk about Tara’s latest publication, a book chapter about multiracial communities in antebellum Ohio. We discuss Quakerism and slavery in North America and the complexities of multiracial identities and communities in early nineteenth century Ohio.

Centre Trail Podcast 21: Age of the Samurai

Tara quizzes John on his class on medieval and early modern Japanese history, “Age of the Samurai.” We discuss how the title relates to the content, the romanticization of the samurai and the historical context of Japanese ritual suicide.


I am working on a new class for our intensive winter term here at Centre – you can see examples of previous classes I’ve taught during the term here and here – that will continue to encourage students to group together to create innovative history projects; more specifically, I want students to create history-bots! What ...

Centre Trail Podcast 20: Historical Fiction

John and Tara are coming to the end of a long semester, and with Thanksgiving on the horizon sat down to chat about a subject they both enjoy a great deal: historical fiction! In particular, we talk about why we like this genre of writing in our capacity as historians. When is there too much ...

Centre Trail Podcast 19: November and Remembrance

John and Tara get together to talk about how the public remembers and celebrates veterans of the armed services. Practices differ across the Atlantic despite a shared history in the two largest conflicts of the twentieth century.

They Shall Not Grow Old

Peter Jackson, most well known for his adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels to film, has made a documentary on the First World War as part of the centenary commemorations currently ongoing across the world. They Shall Not Grow Old features fascinating footage from the conflict, including footage of soldiers laughing, eating, ...

Centre Trail Podcast 18: Off to the Wars Again!

John and Tara welcome Centre Trail’s new intern Payton, and Tara shares her research on a parody of the college catalog produced by Centre College students in 1854. Be ready for hilarious stories of one legged professors and the noble sport of turkey stealing. Off to the wars again!