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Centre Trail Podcast 22: Quakers and Multiracial Communities in Ohio

This week we talk about Tara’s latest publication, a book chapter about multiracial communities in antebellum Ohio. We discuss Quakerism and slavery in North America and the complexities of multiracial identities and communities in early nineteenth century Ohio.

Centre Trail Podcast 21: Age of the Samurai

Tara quizzes John on his class on medieval and early modern Japanese history, “Age of the Samurai.” We discuss how the title relates to the content, the romanticization of the samurai and the historical context of Japanese ritual suicide.

Centre Trail Podcast 20: Historical Fiction

John and Tara are coming to the end of a long semester, and with Thanksgiving on the horizon sat down to chat about a subject they both enjoy a great deal: historical fiction! In particular, we talk about why we like this genre of writing in our capacity as historians. When is there too much ...

Centre Trail Podcast 18: Off to the Wars Again!

John and Tara welcome Centre Trail’s new intern Payton, and Tara shares her research on a parody of the college catalog produced by Centre College students in 1854. Be ready for hilarious stories of one legged professors and the noble sport of turkey stealing. Off to the wars again!

Centre Trail Podcast 17: Archives and Records of Human Knowledge

John and Tara talk about the tragic fire at the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. What does it mean to lose these records of human knowledge, and how do historians approach the reality of limitations to the knowledge we have collected? What are archives and how do historians use them? We talk broadly ...

Centre Trail Podcast 16: Passing Away of Public Figures

Following the passing of Senator John McCain, we discuss the history of social conventions honoring the passing of public figures, particularly in political office. In the United States, the importance of lowering flags can become the center of huge discussions and arguments regarding respect; furthermore, John McCain’s passing and the trajectory of his political career ...

Chasing History: Industrialization and Sport

This past spring, I taught a class on Popular Sport & the Modern World, with a pretty wide brief… the basic outlines of the class held our discussions to the mid-nineteenth century and later, but we read and discussed topics from the emergence of association football in industrial England to segregation in American baseball to ...