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Centre Trail Podcast 13: St. Valentine’s Day and Lent

Tara and John talk about St. Valentine’s Day and Ash Wednesday, which this year fall on the same day, raising interesting comparisons about their broader cultural impact. Come for the discussion of historical context of two juxtaposed cultural practices, stay for the sweet Anne of Cleves references.

Why Columbus Day, Anyway?

If your facebook feed is anything like mine, you are seeing a number of memes about Columbus Day.  This is one of the more popular: And also: Both of which make me laugh and make good points about the age of European exploration.  There are a host of other memes about the holiday from the ...

Labor Day and the Private College

Happy Labor Day! My colleagues and I are celebrating…..at work.  Like many private colleges and universities, Centre is open on Labor Day.  Some people are surprised to discover that institutions like ours aren’t closed because it is a national holiday. Labor Day IS a national holiday, but that doesn’t mean that private companies or college ...