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DACA in the History Classroom

Stephen Dove is an Assistant Professor of History here at Centre College where he teaches Latin American history.  Thanks for sharing your classroom with us, Stephen! Korean pianists do not normally play a prominent role in my Latin American history courses, but this week that changed. I am the type of professor who views the… Continue reading DACA in the History Classroom

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Labor Day and the Private College

Happy Labor Day! My colleagues and I are work.  Like many private colleges and universities, Centre is open on Labor Day.  Some people are surprised to discover that institutions like ours aren't closed because it is a national holiday. Labor Day IS a national holiday, but that doesn't mean that private companies or college… Continue reading Labor Day and the Private College

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Some Historical Context on North Korea

The problem of a nuclear North Korea is not a new one, but it has certainly attracted a large share of American public interest in the last few months, not least because of the rhetoric coming from the American side apparently intended to mirror, or at least counter, now traditional North Korean hyperbole describing or… Continue reading Some Historical Context on North Korea

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Confederate Monument Round-Up

I told my students on Monday that it feels strange that the people and things I study have suddenly become so relevant.  Two years ago in my Civil War class we talked at length about confederate memorials and while my students were interested (I think), they did not see the continued existence of such monuments… Continue reading Confederate Monument Round-Up