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History Courses Spring 2019

Hey, all you Centre students! As registration is approaching I thought I would give y'all a quick roundup on our Spring course offerings: History Survey Classes: These courses have wide chronological and geographical coverage.  They are designed to introduce students to major events and ideas but they are also intended to expose students to how… Continue reading History Courses Spring 2019


The Case for the History Major

When the sophomore spring arrives for students at Centre College, the time of blissful major/minor indecision ends abruptly in classic Centre fashion: with a series of emails and quality time navigating paperwork on our school site, CentreNet. For some, this moment in the Centre experience is mostly uneventful, particularly for students that determined their major… Continue reading The Case for the History Major


The Hollywood Sign: A Community Icon

Photograph accessed from Hollywood is an equal parts star-studded and cut-throat sort of place, a land of dreamers turned movie stars and screenwriters and producers—glamorous and creative people that earned their way into the competitive and remarkable movie and television industry via talent, hard work, and luck. This community is idolized in the United States… Continue reading The Hollywood Sign: A Community Icon


In Retrospect: The Race to Space

This photograph courtesy of This week, we’re venturing our back back into the Kennedy administration—if you haven’t read my blog post about JFK conspiracy theories, it is available here! Really, however, I suppose John Schlossberg would more likely approve of our topic, because instead of analyzing the ins and outs of that tragic day… Continue reading In Retrospect: The Race to Space


They Shall Not Grow Old

Peter Jackson, most well known for his adaptation of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings novels to film, has made a documentary on the First World War as part of the centenary commemorations currently ongoing across the world. They Shall Not Grow Old features fascinating footage from the conflict, including footage of soldiers laughing, eating,… Continue reading They Shall Not Grow Old