The Fall Approaches

Yet another blog post written with the hulking specter of all the blog posts I haven’t written this summer sitting behind me, rather pointedly not saying anything. Still, here we are, back again.

I am excited about the autumn, with one of my favourite classes, “Creating the Orient”, making a comeback. Last time I taught this class I discovered that the 1980s film Sixteen Candles had a hefty chunk of needless racism in it. I had led a sheltered life up to that point.

I have been bouncing around from research trips this summer and have to sit down and think about some curricular rebuilding now. We also have some meetings in place to get things around here up and running as the website springs into life. We have some good ideas… I will be sharing student work from my spring class on popular sport on our podcast channel as we build back up to weekly podcasts for the autumn semester. See you all soon!

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