After 200 Years

In 1819, Centre College was chartered in Kentucky. This year, we celebrate this institution’s 200th anniversary. A celebration like this is no small feat. Few schools were founded west of the Appalachian Mountains before 1820; Centre, along with Transylvania, the University of Tennessee and Ohio University and a handful of other academies were among the first “western” schools created to serve frontier Americans.

I’m excited to bring #Centre200 stories to you this fall! Let’s celebrate this little institution’s big contribution to the nation. For today, I’ve just given you a selection of images from the Grace Doherty Library’s archives. Look for yourself on the special collection website. Today we see (clockwise from top left) Students studying in the Carnegie Library, A float from Centre’s Carnival somewhere between 1910 and 1914, the 1893 college football team, and Old Main in 1878/79.

I could say a lot about these images but I’ll leave you with just one observation–the all male classes and teams from the 19th century give way to a coed experience by the early 20th century. The first image of students studying together in the library would have been unimaginable to those 19th century students.

I’d love suggestions on what to cover in our #Centre200 stories–let us know what you are interested in learning.

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