Goodbye for Now!!

Well folks, that’s it for me! ‘Tis the end of the semester, so I will be signing off (for now). Hopefully I’ll be back in the spring with a podcast or two! I am actually hoping to tour the Waverley Hills Sanatorium so maybe I’ll have a follow-up podcast for you all on that!

Thank you to those you have been following my blog writing and podcast making. And to those who have just come to the party, I thank you as well! I have enjoyed writing about various topics in history in this setting. I think blog posting is important because it is a type of writing that is accessible to many people. It has definitely been a good break from the 10 page formal research papers. While research papers are important, I find that they are for a limited audience, an audience in the world of academia. Not only are blogs easier to follow along, they are also fun to write (at least I find them more enjoyable to write).

Any regrets this past semester? All I can say is that I wish I created more podcasts. I actually dreaded making the first one because I was nervous of messing up the recording and figuring out how to edit. In reality, it wasn’t all that hard. I found the process really enjoyable and as long as I picked an interesting topic then recording and editing the podcast was not too painful. If I could have another week, I probably would make another podcast. About what? I am not sure. Maybe another ghost story? I have always been fascinated by the paranormal. Or maybe I would have created one about Centre in honor of the bicentennial. Either way, I would have fun making it.

I am so happy I had the chance to be a part of maintaining this great and informative website. It has made me appreciate being a history major even more. Even writing about fun topics like trick or treating has made me realize how important history is and that everything has a story. For now, my Centre Trail story ends but that just means the beginning of another story for a new intern. So with that, goodbye for now!!

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