Hello Spring 2020!

We are back! This is our first post of 2020. As you may or may not know, we have an intensive CentreTerm here at Centre College every January, and as both Tara and I taught classes during this term, I am afraid that the website got an extra few weeks tacked on to its winter holiday.

But no more! Podcast episodes resume next week and you will be getting a post or two from Tara and myself each week for the rest of this semester. Long time readers will remember Payton, Colleen and Maddie, our interns over the last year and change. We are going sans interns this term. Wish us luck. Pray for us, if you feel it is necessary.

We had a LOT of fun this past CentreTerm, and we look forward to sharing some stories about it. We may also try and rope some colleagues in. We have a fun semester set up here in central Kentucky. In fact it’s underway: our students this semester are learning about Vietnamese history and war in the twentieth century; the United States through the civil war; Latinx communities in the United States; and ancient Rome! Along the way we have plenty of classes on United States and global history as well.

We look forward to sharing! We so appreciate visitors to the site. Stay tuned for blog posts and podcasts this spring.

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