Pandemic Playlists from the History Program!

We hope everyone is staying safe! And staying safe right now means a lot of time indoors. A friend of mine at Whitworth University shared a list of songs she had put together on Spotify – a “playlist” if you will – and I thought this was such a great idea! I used to love making mix tapes, back when you had to record from one cassette to another, or even live from the radio. And I walked two miles to school, and… well. You get the idea.

I’m not the only historian who thought this would be fun! Keep reading for links to our pandemic playlists. And please, share yours with us!

You do not need to be a Spotify customer to access these playlists, but you will have to set up a free account. You can find more information here.

Please note that Centre College is not responsible for any advertising associated with free Spotify accounts.

Mauricio Castro’s Centre History Playlist

Presented without rhyme or reason.

Jon Earle’s Pandemic Playlist

This playlist offers a sensation for the senses. Its themes interrogate memory, loss and possibility.

Sara Egge’s Songs for a Pandemic

John Harney’s Get Loud and Hang Out Pandemic Playlist

John pored over the greatest rock and roll music ever produced for days, then just chose a bunch of songs he likes to listen to. Things get a bit more quiet towards the end.

It’s just like you walked into Tara’s office for a quick chat. Never know what might be playing…

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