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Centre Trail Podcast 2: Starting a new class

John and Tara get together on Labor Day to reflect on the first week of the Fall Semester and talk about how we approach our students to start a term. Along the way we talk about specific approaches to early classes, a little bit of history of the Labor Day holiday, and the mythical medieval ...

Centre Trail Podcast 1: Hello and Welcome

John and Tara welcome you to the Centre Trail podcast, run by the History Program at Centre College. We chat a little bit about our broad hopes for this podcast and our website, Along the way we talk about life at a small liberal arts college and the return to classes in the Fall.


Welcome to Centre Trail, the online platform for the History Program at Centre College, a small and selective liberal arts college in the Bluegrass region of Kentucky. We set up this website, and the weekly podcast that will accompany it, to fulfill a few different goals. Primarily, at least in broad terms, we feel strongly ...