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A Day with Isaac Shelby

This weekend, I had the honor of talking about Governor Isaac Shelby at the unveiling of a memorial at his burial site.  The Sons of the American Revolution (SAR) have worked for a long time to put memorials at sites of importance to the Revolution and this was a particularly nice event. It is always ...


Centre Trail Podcast 4: Baseball and Natural Disasters

Tara and John talk a little baseball in this episode of the Centre Trail podcast, before Tara hits the road, if only for a few minutes, to visit our colleague Sara Egge for some historical context on how Americans experience and talk about natural disasters.

Historian Spotlight: Annette Gordon-Reed

I thought you all might enjoy a collection of articles and books centered around one person.  Annette Gordon-Reed is the Charles Warren Professor of American Legal History at Harvard Law School and is also on the faculty in the school of Arts and Sciences.  In 1997, she wrote Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings: An American Controversy, and ...

Recommending a History Book

A good friend got in touch this week and asked me to recommend a book for a family member of his who is in a History book club. The idea was that his good friend the historian could recommend something really interesting. “They have done quite a bit of memoir recently so perhaps break away ...


Centre Trail Podcast 3: Memory and History in the Classroom

Tara and John sit down to discuss memory in the classroom. We talk about personal memories of the September 11 attacks and relate it to our process in the classroom for creating connections to students. It raises a lot of interesting questions, not least of which the problem of historians’ need for distance from a ...

Centre Trail Podcast 2: Starting a new class

John and Tara get together on Labor Day to reflect on the first week of the Fall Semester and talk about how we approach our students to start a term. Along the way we talk about specific approaches to early classes, a little bit of history of the Labor Day holiday, and the mythical medieval ...

Centre Trail Podcast 1: Hello and Welcome

John and Tara welcome you to the Centre Trail podcast, run by the History Program at Centre College. We chat a little bit about our broad hopes for this podcast and our website, Along the way we talk about life at a small liberal arts college and the return to classes in the Fall.