The semester is ending…

It’s that time of year on college campuses, when we are all feeling the crunch. You may have noticed that our content has slowed down on the site a little recently. Well, it’s a mixture of being buried under grading and generally being ready for this to be over.

There. I said it. I am ready for this semester to be over. I will say though, I always feel this way around this time and there is usually one last push to get through the final weeks. Usually.

I also have it easier than our students do. I tell myself this, staring at the pile of grading on the desk before me… but it is true. My students are submitting a twelve to fifteen page research paper this coming Monday, something many of them have never done before. Most of them have three other classes. Some of them have big assignments due in most or even all of their classes before Thanksgiving, because we care about our students and try to spare them working over the holidays, thus creating huge bottlenecks for certain students.

I have tried to create deadlines that avoid what bottlenecks I think will emerge before, but it never works. Someone gets screwed.

Soon it will be over. That’s a promise, if any students are reading. It also creates fodder for a thoughtful post on how we spend energy and how important it is to create energy in the classroom when you are not sure you have any left. I will write that post at some point.

But I have to go and grade now.

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