We are back! CentreTerm begins…

We are back here at Centre Trail, just as we are back at Centre College. Tomorrow kicks off CentreTerm, a three week intensive period during which all Centre students on campus will take only one class and Centre faculty will each teach only one class. Students meet with their instructors for at least three hours each day during this short term. It tends to be… well, intense!

The History program typically offers a strong selection of classes during CentreTerm. This year, I am teaching my class “History and Video Games”, exploring how production and consumption of video games ties into public historical conceptions; Tara Strauch is teaching a brand new class on counterfactual and alternative histories; Amos Tubb is teaching his class on the Crusades, during which students will create mockumentary style films on a topic of their choice; and Jon Earle is teaching “Idi Amin’s Uganda”, which centers on a class trip to Washington, DC to use the National Archives.

It is an exciting time and you will hear more about it soon. For now though… I better go and prep.

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