Update on History and Video Games

CentreTerm keeps us busy here! We are working on updating you more regularly, but for now I thought I would give a little early update on how my class, History and Video Games, has been going.

So far I am thrilled with the student work in keeping our site updated. You can visit the class site by clicking here. They are doing a great job. We have also already moved through a round of solo presentations discussing the game projects. One group is making a game about an attempt to escape a Japanese-American internment camp on the west coast of the United States in the 1940s; another is making a game with Billy the Kid as a playable character and two other composite characters representing a lawman and a sex worker; the third group is planning to make a game about an attempt by Josef Stalin to win the Cold War by traveling back in time to stop the American Revolution from ever happening.

I think group presentations will be fun.

I strongly encourage you to visit the class website to see the great work these Centre students are doing. The podcast returns this week, and we will be talking a little more about our experiences so far.

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