Video Game Demo Day!

Hello there. I write from the depths of Centre Term. It is a fraught place. Everyone is tired. All we do is learn, at breakneck pace. The end is nigh.

Actually I have been having a great time, though I will admit to being tired. Posts on our experiences this term are long overdue, but will be posted soon. Until then, you can check into the Centre Trail podcast to hear Tara and I talk about how our classes are going.

I do have the time and energy, just about, to share a quick update on how the term is coming to an end for my class on history and video games. Today, my student groups showed off their hard work to members of the Centre community with an open demo day for their games. Students got to see all the work in a completed form for the first time, and friends came by to check out the games themselves. I’m sharing some pictures here. Stay tuned for more on this class and other Centre Term classes in the coming days.

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