End of Year Notes

Hello everyone! We have come to the end of another academic year. There have been some difficult times and some great moments. Just over a week ago we said farewell to another group of wonderful students. Good luck, guys.

The History Program here at Centre had a great year! Jonathan Earle’s book, Colonial Buganda and the End of Empire, was a finalist for the Bethwell A. Ogot Book Prize at this year’s African Studies Association annual meeting. Sara Egge’s book, Woman Suffrage and Citizenship in the Midwest, 1870-1920, won two awards: the Gita Chaudhuri Prize, awarded by the Western Association of Women Historians, and the Shambaugh Prize, awarded by the State Historical Society of Iowa. That latter one was the prize for the best book of the year on Iowan history, you know. You can hear Jon talk about his work here, and Sara talk about her work here.

The research continues… the program has had an active year of work so far, including Tara Strauch’s published work on communities of color in western Ohio. You can hear about Tara’s work on our very own podcast, here.

John Harney and Jon Earle both received tenure, something Dr. Earle has earned through a lifetime of hard work, service and contributions to the intellectual community. Harney appears to have dirt on the right people, and will continue podcasting.

We hired a new colleague! Starting this autumn, Dr. Mauricio Castro will be joining our program, ready to teach our students all about Cuban refugees in the United States and rock ’n’ roll. Not all at once, but let’s see what happens when we get him on the podcast.

Last, but far from least, we had two wonderful interns this year. Thank you so, so much Payton Howard and Colleen Coyle. You kept this project alive in what at times was an extremely trying year. We hope you all enjoy reading and hearing student work on the website. There will be more of that sort of thing!

We head into the summer, a time of writing and prepping and maybe soldering. More of that to come soon.

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